Assets and topography!

I love Arkio. It’s an amazing tool for design.

As a landscape architect, I would love to have topography. Unless a site is completely flat, there’s almost always grading to do. I would love to be able to sculpt the site.

For assets…I would love some items for home spaces: wine fridge😉, regular fridge, induction stove, faucets of all sort, mirrors, more light fixtures like chandeliers, sconces, recessed lights, utilities like light switches, plugs, washer and dryer, and maybe a dishwasher.

Other textures would be great. More fabric choices, wood color and more textures, cars, and outdoor furniture. And a water texture for pools.

It would be lovely to be able to explode the existing assets to edit.

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@Johan incoming content added to our que!

Hi Missy,
I’d like to further explore topography…

I recently imported a Revit Toposolid into Arkio. The Revit Toposolid was created using a points file (CSV) created by the surveyor I had hired. There were ~4,500 points in the CSV which created a Revit Toposolid, no problem, with a variable terrain. Also no problem, was exporting the Toposolid from Revit into Arkio. However In my early exploration, I have found imported geometry to be of minimal use other than visualization. In Arkio, when I placed content, e.g., person on bicycle, trees, people, a truck, the content did not follow the imported Revit Toposolid. For example, the back wheels of the truck landed near the surface while the front wheels floated in the air as the slope decreased. The content in Arkio seemed to want to SNAP to the default Arkio “land” we all begin with. Snapping could not be turned off, the content always wanted to connect to the default “land”.

It would be helpful if Arkio could import a CSV file, even if guidance was given as to the number of points. If imported topography was used, it would be good to covert to native Arkio geometry. I do find this limitation dispiriting. I would propose that Arkio content follow the terrain established by non-native Arkio geometry.

Site/topo data seems so fundamental to Arkio, it would be beneficial to have robust native site/topo set.

Interesting! :thinking: Meanwhile, I’ve scoured the web looking for other assets. The Kohler website offers a lot of free fixtures, so I snagged some faucets and such. Obj files.
It’s smart of them to do so. I wish other manufacturers did as well.

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