Inside-Outside: Great room re-design & expansion

The original space that I started with was a Great Room space that was adjacent to a Kitchen/Breakfast room. Within this space there is an existing fireplace (North wall), sets of windows (East wall), and television wall (West wall).
I wanted to create a more open concept, both horizontally and vertically, while bringing in an outdoor type space and environment. This was done with incorporating clerestory windows, skylights, plants/vegetation, and water features throughout the new space. Each wall was redesigned around the specific feature for that wall and location (fireplace, windows, and television space). There is a new staircase that was added to get up to the new loft space as well. I also wanted to integrate the use of natural materials and elements with stone, wood, water, rocks, plants, etc. This was done as part of the overall re-design and different detailing throughout the new space.

(Note: All of my passthrough items showed as the Arkio background. I tried the photos through the headset, but passthrough came out in black, which blended with my design, which is why I went with the Arkio photos.)