Build Beyond Feedback

Thinking about the recent design challenge, 02-build-beyond, we wanted to gather feedback from you about the process of submitting to the design challenge / modeling in mixed reality. We are actively working on improving our resources across the board, from our technical step by step, to the high level guides that communicate the use-case, and gathering feedback from users like you will only make our resources that much better!

Here are few questions we would love to know more about. Of course you can add to the list!

  • Was there details or information you feel was missing that made participating in the challenge, challenging? (hehe)
  • How about the timeline? Was there enough time allowed for you jump in and build out your vision?
  • This challenge was the first one we ran on this new site, do you feel it was organized well and the info was clearly documented?

Looking forward to hearing your feedback :slight_smile:

Tagging the peeps from this submission :arkio_purple:
@Farah_Michel @Hulksmash2004 @Zimo_Brian_Jin @Juno @Carlos_Torres @Alexandra_Garcia @Missy @GaelR @acuteangle17

I felt that the information for the challenge was very well detailed, and very understandable. It was a fun challenge to do as it gave the participants freedom to build whatever we wanted as long as they followed the guidelines. The timeline was very fair, although I myself started a little later, and found out about it one week before the submission date, it was a good timeline, right from the time that the challenge was posted. As for the new site it’s definitely a different user face that I have not seen yet, and getting used to. When I go on the site I found it hard to find where the challenge was posted. But overall, very well organized.

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