Winners of Build Beyond

Let’s kick off the week with some exciting news with the announcement of the 02-build-beyond design challenge.

:first_red: 1st place @GaelR
The landscape sample through architecture

:second_red: 2nd place @Carlos_Torres
Retrofit an indoor pool into Lofts

:third_red: 3rd place @Missy
Palo Alto Pollinator Path

Congratulations to the top 3 :tada:, and many thanks to each of you who participated :heart: I’m excited to see new and current members of our community submitted fantastic projects, it motivates our team to push our Arkio to make it the best it can be! Each of the submissions was fantastic and stirred up a lot of internal debates around what makes a good mixed reality model :slight_smile:

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Happy to contribute to the mixed reality debate. Always looking to be as outside of the box as possible.

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This was so much fun!. I’ll try to pair Arkio with my day to day job tasks!

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