CHALLENGE[02] Build Beyond ReadMe

Welcome to Arkio’s Design Challenge, episode 02! This challenge is going to be an exciting one, so lets dive right in :slight_smile:

For challenge[02], Build Beyond, you will need to tap into Mixed Reality to build a modification to an existing space. Mixed Reality (MR) allows Arkio digital models to mold and overlay with our physical world, giving us a new spatial power to use for experiencing and designing.

:gift: Prizes

:first_teal: Selected Winner
A quest 3 headset
6 month Arkio Pro License
Project Featured in our Gallery
Community swag with the selected tag

:second_black: Second Place
$100 gift card
6 month Arkio Pro License
Project Featured in our Gallery

:third_red: Third Place
$50 gift card
6 month Arkio Pro License
Project Featured in our Gallery

:package: About

Since MR is a blend of physical and digital, Build Beyond will be broken down into these two pieces.

First, you’ll need your context. Each participant will be required to find their own site and/or building to model off of. This can be your room, school, favorite store, future home, it’s up to you!

Second, the design! Modeling with mixed reality will require each participant to be in their chosen physical context and model an expansion/subtraction/addition to an existing building or space. Dive into your architectural vision and aim high! Maybe your room needs a second level, or your house needs a new roof, or your town building needs a modern addition… ideas are endless!



  • Final submissions need to be posted by 2024-06-23T04:00:00Z
  • Submissions should be completed with a post on the community forums in the Studio/Challenges category with the tag #02-build-beyond
  • Submissions can be updated throughout the length of the competition. We recommend posting sooner so we comment and support your great work! :innocent:
  • Each post should include
    1. Submission Name
    2. Project Description (1-2 sentences)
    3. 4-8 photos/videos of your model from Arkio
  • Final selection will be made by 2024-06-27T04:00:00Z. Winners will be announced through our socials and the Arkio LIVE Event


  • Submission need to be a combination of digital modeling and a physical site.
  • Submissions can range in scale depending on your physical context you wish to model off of.
  • All digital geometry must be native to Arkio (no imports besides the starting model)
  • Imported 2d images are allowed
  • Additional renderings can be submitted if you want to render your model/photos in other tools or software
  • All entries must be submitted through our community site

If you want to stay in the loop with notifications about this design challenge or other Studio related news we’ve setup a group, @StudioNews, for members to follow! :tada:

I think this is a bit better then constantly pinging every single member of the community :melting_face:

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