Community Site Tips 🔨

Hi peeps! It’s been a few months since we moved over to Discourse from our other social forums and I’ve gotten a handful of questions around different navigation and posting things within the site. So I thought I would start a topic to list out some of my go

:memo: Formatting your topics

Discourse has a few different formats for building posts, (Markdown, BBCode, HTML). For the most part Markdown will cover all of your needs, and there is this handy reference list of formats.

:framed_picture: Grid layouts with images

It’s pretty easy to load an image/gif right into your topics by dragging and dropping your image right into your posts, but did you know you could format them into a spiffy layout by using [gird]...[/grid]? Your post would end up looking like this:

image 1
image 2

Thanks to the discourse gods for building this in :slight_smile:

:iphone: Mobile

If you would like to access this site (or other discourse communities) there is a free app, DiscourseHub, on both Android and iOS that make a world of difference when accessing from the phone. When you login make sure to use our server url and login with your account info.

I’ll keep adding to this list as time grows! :slight_smile: