Open Studio Test

I have a new community idea :zap:

I’ve been chatting with a few of you on how we could do smaller and more collaborative projects. One of the ideas that have come from those conversations is having a public-ish Arkio scene that we can all meet in for a month with the goal to have something built openly through the community.

So, for the month of July we’re going to test this idea out. I’ve setup a blank scene in Arkio with a meeting that I’ll leave running on a spare computer. Anyone can join and build in the Arkio scene throughout this month, just plug the info in below!

:arkio_black: Meeting Info
n: openstudio
p: 098

I think this will be a fun community activity. Our community is small but mighty, so I’m excited to see what gets cooked up :slight_smile:

Also, shout out to @Farah_Michel, @Missy, @RO100, @GaelR for bouncing ideas around! :hugs:


What about a theme? Maybe that could help make things extra crispy :arkio_retro_red: I’ll throw some random themes out there, let me know what ya think!

  • Tree House
  • Cliffside Buildings
  • Bridges and Nodes
  • Elevated Cityscape
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To get the ball rolling, let’s go with Cliffside Buildings :slight_smile: I’m going to jump into the stu for a little bit today to close off the week. If you wanna join me jump in anytime during 2024-07-12T20:00:00Z2024-07-12T21:30:00Z :slight_smile:

Let’s see what gpt thinks cliffside buildings look like.


alright, I built out a lil site to get our buildings going :building_construction:

I started making a lil home for myself :house:

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Okay, a bit of an update. It looks like running an Arkio meeting for an extended period isn’t our best workflow here :sweat_smile: So instead I’m going to set a few times this week to meet up and do some modeling. This will still be an Open Studio, so swing by whenever you feel like making yourself a cliffside home!

Session :one:

Session :two:

Session :three:

Session :four:

@RO100 :wink: