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Hey, so last week I was filling up my car and saw a bunch of Tesla folks charging up their rides. Got me thinking, wouldn’t it be cool with Arkio, to create a sweet car?

I started by dropping down one of those default model cars to get the size right. Then, I used the create tool to make a rectangle next to the car and carved out a space for the hood and trunk. After that, I used the edit tool with the freeform option to shape the car by tweaking the lines and making sure both sides looked symmetrical - not gonna lie, that was the tricky part!

I used this 3D table lamp, (my favorite) as a base for the tires, flattening it out with the edit tool (pretty sneaky, right? :wink::laughing::thinking:).

As soon as my basic shapes started looking like a real car, I began adding in all the cool details. I even designed the neighborhood backdrop to match the car, playing around with different colors as I went along.

It took me about four hours split over two sessions to create the entire model. It was a pretty fun process!