Endless Pathway

The purpose of the endless pathway is to not only explore different ideas, but to express a certain feeling by embracing the sense of strange that can explore a new point of view. In order to embrace the sense of strange is to understand sense of time, forcing you to live in the moment and understand that time is flexible.

As well as understand sense of proportion and scale, and a sense of wonder allowing to explore the sense of curiosity, problem solving, and imagination with the environment provided.

The structure of the ‘endless pathway’ has three platforms a start, middle, and end as you can see in the images below. It starts from the bottom (starting point) and it’s working its way up (ending point) forcing any designer to create different variations of height, as well as staying within the path boundaries. The path can be added, moved, or subtracted from the endless pathway creating a design that is playful encourages more creative uses of the space
The example I have created below shows the different elements such as fire, water, earth, sand, and air. The first pathway is ‘fire’ and the structure of the pathway is broken up creating the game we all loved as kids is “The floor is lava!” The second pathway is ‘water’ and the structure of the pathway are different heights of bridges going around waterfalls and streams. The third pathway is ‘earth’ and the structure of the pathway are ziplines where you carefully have to balance with tree house platforms. The fourth pathway is ‘sand’ (Eventually looked like big blocks of cheese haha) and the structure of the pathway are pyramids you have to go through by only using your pointer. The last pathway is ‘air’ and the structure of the pathway is ‘jumping’ from one platform to another, which allows us to fulfill our childhood dreams to jump from one cloud to another!


I think this would be such a great workshop for people to get the basics with Arkio :slight_smile: