Environment Dome Import

post originally from Heimo Mooslechner

I have a 360°cam and i did some environment-Domes in Twinmotion or in Blender. When project the 360°-Image on the inside of the dome and its big enough, it fits the "real environment to set Your architecture in “real” Places.

I exported such a dome from Blender into the ARKIO-Cloud and imported it and the geometry is imported into the MetaQuest3-3d ok, but the image is not projected correctly on the inside of the dome. The backface culling is working right so far in ARKIO. It seems to be just a matter of importing the 360° EXR-File and apply it correctly.

There is an tutorial to do this for blocks and domes in Blender - so You can see what i want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrZiSwXoBVA

Can that be implemented in the future in ARKIO?
What i tried: to export it from Blender in other formates, but Blender seems not to be capable of attaching this pixels direct on whatever export format.

My idea to it: to devide the EXR into peices and attach it to an exploded Dome-Form individually at each little face…

I personally have to wait for You to make that real. Hope so…

greetings from Austria.


Hi Heimo, this is a great idea thanks for sharing!

You would be able to achieve this effect in Arkio if you applied a normal texture to this dome shape. (an UV mapped JPG or PNG image) Currently, the HDRI textures will not be exported as a default material from Blender and Arkio currently does not support importing HDRI textures so that is where information currently gets lost.

It’s also possible to UV map a half/full dome with a normal texture (JPG/PNG) to achieve a similar effect. The same strategy can be used to load other UV-mapped meshes to Arkio for eg loading photogrammetry scans of 3D surroundings or procedural textures that can be applied to the geometry as normal UV-mapped textures.

We will also look into HDRI textures but let us know if you found a good way to get your skybox textures to Arkio!

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