Import from Unity changes geometry


I tried to import a simple room with three walls via the Unity Plug-in and in Arkio (on Quest3) it only shows three small cubes instead of the walls. Is there anything I can do?


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Welcome @digib_rit to the community! Happy to help ya out.

Can you provide some more context to the workflow here? Are you starting in Unity and exporting to Arkio or the other way around? If you have a screenshot of what you’re experiencing that would be helpful.

Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, give a quick intro and say hello :slight_smile: :

Hey, sure:

I started in Unity, built the walls which are actually just really slim cubes and set a cube in the middle to know the center, looking like this:

I then loaded the scene to the Arkio Cloud and importet it in Arkio on the Meta Quest 3, but now it’s looking like that:

Strange, I’m afk but I’ll try to reproduce this on my pc to see what’s going. It’s a bit rare to see a unity export to Arkio, are you building a unity project with Arkio as a modeling tool?

Hi @digib_rit

What might be going wrong here is the Unity scene you are trying to import to Arkio contains extremely distorted/scaled cube meshes. The Arkio Unity exporter only supports exporting prefabs and game objects that are uniform-scaled.

As Unity is a tool to compile game levels from geometry created by loading meshes from 3D modeling tools like Blender, SketchUp or plugins for Unity like Probuilder.

You can best learn more about these mesh modeling tools first if you are new to level design as techniques like UV mapping and mesh optimization are required if you want to get the best out of your game engine.

Arkio’s Unity plugin can best can be used to load all your Unity scene meshes to Arkio that can then be moved scaled and updated in Arkio and later exported and updated back to Unity (uniformly scaled). You can try this workflow by loading some example scenes from the Unity Asset Store to Arkio instead of your current scene.

You can learn more about this and some of our other known issues for Unity in our help center

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Hi @Johan,

thanks for the help! I tried modelling the wall in Blender and imported it, now everything works fine.

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