Creating 3d worlds for Unity VRChat

Hey there just seeing if anyone has come up with anything to help with the compiling errors you get when trying to upload for a game with a backbone of unity. Like vrchat seems to me that the scripts that arkio uses interacts only directly with Unity and not anything that only uses unity as a backbone. Vrchat uses Udon for scripting which isnt exactly the same as Unity but backbone is Unity. Just seeing if anyone has come up with some sort of fix for this.

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Hi @Justin_Lameres , welcome to the community! If you’re feeling up for it, introduce yourself and Say Hello! 👋

Do you have any screenshots or reports of those errors happening? Can you share a bit more behind your intended use? Pushing Arkio to Unity is a bit different than VR chat, we don’t offer any sort of interactable scripts when importing Arkio into Unity, Our plugin for Unity is more or less a mesh importer for you to use in the editor, not runtime.

If you import a file into unity then remove everything based on your files besides the build itself the asset disappears. It’s not just the asset files. Which is why I’m just confused. I’m trying to make builds for VRchat in arkio. Unity is the backbone for VRchat the only difference is the scripting language. Which if there aren’t any scripts for arkio wouldn’t be a problem. When imported into unity the arkio plug-in for imports and exports. It’s calls things that aren’t a part of the VRchat model. However if said things are just removed or deleted it removes the entire object.

As shown its looking at the scripts of your import plugin. If those scripts are removed it removes the entire object.

I’ll try to reproduce this with the information you’ve provided. I can’t really speak to the compiling error from udon but i wouldn’t be surprised if there are some overlapping errors there.

I’m still a bit confused on your use. Are you trying to store the mesh into unity for uploading to vr chat?

There indeed is some confusion on your use case. If you are trying to create worlds for VR Chat you might have other plugins and assets in your Unity project that are conflicting with Arkio’s Unity plugin. We use a version of the GLTF importer/exporter that most likely is also used by something else in your Unity project.

You can work around any compatibility issues by loading your Arkio geometry in a separate Unity project first before you bring your geometry to the VR Chat Unity project.

You can also export the Arkio scene directly to an OBJ or GTFL file and load those geometry files to your Unity project directly without the need to use the Arkio Unity plugin.

Hope this helps and let us know how your workflow goes!

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Made a video recreating the issue im having so yall can better understand it.