Implementations that could be useful for Arkio

A few questions, I’ve tried 1.7. The new UI for displaying certain settings on the wrist is very practical! And thank you very much for adding the large models, which will be very useful in my hypercontextualization system where I insert my point cloud mesh on m’y case.
Apart from 1.7, I made a few comments while testing this weekend

1 - I wanted to put my iphone on a tripod and film myself from an outside point of view designing blocks (for share content is better than always show a pov version)
but when I launched the AR mode on my iphone it put me with a camera far away and impossible to get closer to my position (cf photo)

i can only orient the model and change the scale. i understand that it’s not possible to synchronise the positions of my iphone in space, but it would be nice to be able to at least hand position the AR camera. Another problem that can be seen on the AR photo is that the floor is Arkio’s, so it would have to be transparent.

2 - It would be great to have an activatable mode on the arm that allows for creating without any interaction between blocks. Very often, one block sticks to another, and when I modify one, it modifies the other, or sometimes they stick together when I don’t want them to, etc. need a “free” mode where each block creation is independent, and blocks can intersect without causing a problem.

3 - Having the ability to activate block drawing based on a chosen orientation.

4 - Creating a block in space from the hand’s position rather than from the pointer’s position on the ground.

5 - Having a tool that allows for more precise orientation of a block using two reference points.

6 - AR mode shadows on the floor or on transparent blocks

Thank’s :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Gael :wave: Glad to see you made it. You should give a quick intro to the crew over here :slight_smile:

Thank you for this feedback, we’re exciting that you got right into the new version of Arkio right away.

I like this approach for capturing content, I hadn’t thought about using an iPhone in AR mode but it makes sense. I agree with your suggestion, users should be able to navigate with the basic controls while in AR mode on the phone. This point is a good one as it starts to poke at the ways different creators want to capture the content they are producing and how we should improve our controls for supporting this type of workflow.

Good point, noted!

I support this, parenting objects was one of the things that bothered me with SketchUp. Upgrading our modeling tools is on our roadmap for this year and I could see something like this being added to design. Do you think there would need to be a distinct visual style to objects that cannot be parented? Maybe the outline turns dark blue instead of light blue?

Not sure what this means. Contexts?

I could see this being useful. I find myself creating boxes on the ground and then lifting them up to get them in a floating position.

@alexharri might want to pick your brain on this :slight_smile: