Lock model view in AR seems buggy

post originally from Aaron Nordstrom

We are working with viewing our models in AR. I have a few questions.

  1. I know you can ‘lock’ the movement of the model by using the lock icon on your left wrist. Every now and then it seems to get unlocked. Perhaps it happens when we go into 1st person mode in the model and navigate around. Is there a way to HARD lock the model so that the virutal walls, etc don’t get moved around?

  2. When draw a cube and add a transparent material to it, there is still a white outline/border. Is there a way to turn that off?

  3. We recreated our meeting room in Arkio so that we can add renderings, plans to the walls in AR. When somebody goes from the dollhouse view to the 1st person view in the model, the surrounding environment becomes very trippy because portions are transparent and portions are opaque. Is there a way to turn off all transparency so that in the ‘meeting’ view we have it but in the ‘1st person view’ we don’t see them?



Hi👋 great questions! Happy to help clarify these details

  1. You have the right idea what causes the lock to toggle off. When you use the scaling function (the side grips) this will cause the unlock to happen. This happens to me a bit when I’m trying to float around while in locked mode, so I feel your pain! We currently don’t support a hard lock feature like that, but I will pass this idea off to the team

  2. That outline is always there when you use the passthrough material, there are crafty ways to hide it or make it blend in with the rest of the model. Would you want to be able to toggle that outline visibility?

  3. This is totally possible! You can setup your Arkio scene so at specific scales it will turn the passthrough feature on or off, that way you don’t have those overlapping visuals at 1:1 scale. If you look at your left wrist band you will see an eyeball icon (right next to the lock icon), if click that icon it will toggle the passthrough feature. To set it at a certain scale, you need to set your scale first then click the passthrough icon.

  1. I think a hard lock would be helpful. It’s frustrating to spend time remaking the room you are in and then I accidently move the entire scene. I haven’t tried this with multiple users, but I can see it going south very quickly if people in the meeting have the ability to move this accidently. Maybe it’s just as simple as unlocking happens when you use the side grips AND press the X/A buttons in each hand. Something like that wouldn’t happen by accident. Then again, I don’t understand the purpose of the lock command if you can get around it by scaling…so maybe nothing should be able to turn it off except by clicking the icon again.

  2. Not too critical, but I think it would be nice to toggle the outlines. The reason is I would like for those transparent objects to be completely hidden. My geometry doesn’t line up 100% perfect with the physical objects, and those white lines give it away.

  3. I will check this out. Thanks!

I agree on the locking piece. I actually didn’t really understand everything that was happening when that command goes off until recently. Something to keep in mind is that when you use the lock command, you are locking both your scale and location in order to maintain an anchored position between your virtual and physical spaces. I think in typical modeling programs you might consider the lock command to only freeze your position