Quest vr walk through

post originally from Drew Monahan

Love this app. I am trying to physically walk a whole floor instead of teleporting and the model opacity drops to 25% ish. I tried turning off the boundary and locking my position. Is there a setting to stop this from do that. I am in an open 50,000sq/ft warehouse with no obstruction. Thanks

Hi Drew,

Thanks for getting in touch and for sharing your warehouse use case! The 25% opacity blending your scene with mixed reality allows us to run Arkio in boundaryless mode on the Meta Quest while preventing the users from bumping into walls, people, or other obstacles. As this is a safety feature it cannot currently be disabled. You do however have control over when the opacity kicks in by moving around slower.

You can toggle passthrough mode on in human scale (using the eye icon on the wristband) to hide the skybox. As this mode will increase your visibility of the real world your movement distance threshold is doubled in this mode so the safety opacity blending will only kick in at larger speeds.

We’re also looking into adding other ways to control this feature like re-enabling the old Meta safety boundaries if users prefer those to enable walking in full immersion with a safety boundary.

Let us know if you have other ideas for this and we’d love to also learn more about your setup/use case and see how we can help make this work better!

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