Locking not working

Hi there,
I have been having some issues with locking models when in 1:1 scale. I am working in a big room and I need my objects to lock into space because it is hard to keep rescaling it every time. It also doesn’t let me lock in god scale
When I try press lock it has an error sign and says “cant lock - accruing spatial anchors” or “spatial system not ready”
I have tries clearing my MR anchors but that doesn’t seem to do anything.
Can someone please help me with this issue so I can use the lock function
(I have a pro subscription)

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Hi @kaylacarter :wave: I can help with this! There seems to be one main issue, but I wanted to note a secondary issue quickly:

This shouldn’t be the case. There are certain scales that the lock feature works in, when you’re not in that scale the lock button should be grayed out. I believe there should be a tooltip when you hover over the lock button that displays “Can’t lock at this scale” or something like that. Sometimes I need to adjust my scale slightly to get the lock button to be interactable, because I was slightly out of scale without noticing. Could you double check your scale when trying to lock as a god?

I’ve encountered this issue as well and I can never pinpoint what I did that actually fixes, but this has been my go to list for troubleshooting Spatial Anchoring in Arkio

Recognizing your space

I’ve found that not all q3 headsets acquire anchors at the same rate, specially when I’m just starting a work session. Usually I will keep the headset on and walk around in my space while while using passthrough mode in Akrio. Doing this for a minute or so to gives it sometime to recognize the space and load the anchors into the scene.

Reset your boundary

Even though Arkio doesn’t require a boundary I’ve found that sometimes resetting this to your work area resolves the issue. Close Arkio and navigate to the boundary setup in the meta quest menu and create a new boundary. Make sure to use a roomscale boundary type. Jump back into Arkio and see if the anchor tool enabled.

Clear anchors + fresh scene

You mentioned you did that, but I just wanted to add it to the list for future readers :book: I would also add that if the previous two steps didn’t work I would recommend using a brand new scene in Arkio, teleport to 1:1, and toggle passthrough. This will make sure you have a clean slate and primed to be locked.

Toggling quest passthrough

With Arkio running and try to navigate to the meta quest quick settings menu (where the wifi button is) and somewhere in the middle of that panel there is a button that says “Passthrough”, click that and navigate out of the quick settings menu and hit resume on Arkio.

Let me know if any of this dose this trick! Oh, and here is a helpful guide that goes into a bit more detail around mixed reality!

Also! Welcome to the Community!! :arkio_black::arkio_teal: Don’t forget to Say Hello! 👋

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