Locking the build plate and .OBJ file import

How do I lock the build plate into position so that it doesn’t move every time a remove the headset ?
Also, is it possible to import O.BJ files that keep their colours when imported?
Thank you.

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Happy to help ya out, but I might need some more info first.

What do you mean by build plate? The starting green table?

For sure! This guide goes over importing .obj files into Arkio. When you import an .obj you need to include the .mtl file as well in order to map the colors and materials properly.

Let me know if that helps!

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Wow that was quick! Thanks. Yes, I mean the starting green table.

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Gotta keep the support speedy! :dash: You can lock your Arkio scene using the lock command found on your left wristband (I think the tooltip says lock position or something like that). This should keep your models and scene locked in place so you can move around freely without moving your content. If your headset isn’t anchored anymore when you remove it, try teleporting back to your spatial anchor to re-lock your scene. There should be a teal-circle wherever you created the spatial anchor, aim your teleporter there it should snap into position.

Also, we’re happy to have a new member of the community! :slight_smile: @Paul if you’re up for it, say hello! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!