How to clear out imported assets from Arkio

I’m trying to clear out my library of imported OBJs so I can populate with different models for a new project. I removed all the files from Documents>Arkio>Imports>Models, but Arkio still has them in the Create tool and I can still place them. None of the models in the screenshot should be there.

I’ve tried the refresh button in the UI and restarting Arkio several times to no avail. I also need to do this on my Quest 3 library. Any help is much appreciated!

Side Note: While I’m talking about the imports UI, it would be great to be able to see it in a list view with a simple preview pane. Other options would be more descriptive icons and the ability to use folders or tags to organize imports.


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Hi @Hugh_Soward :wave: great to see ya on the community site! If you’re feeling social, Say Hello! 👋

How did you import those files into Arkio? If it was through the Arkio Cloud, you will need to leave that group as well since it will download those files to the headset.

Hi @Hugh_Soward

Arkio will keep a copy of the previously imported resources on that device in the Create>Import UI unless you remove them by clicking on the delete icon in the import placement panel. This will remove the processed resource in Arkio as well as the source file from your imports.

Deleting your import source files from the import folder (or from your Arkio cloud group if used) will not affect previously loaded resources in Arkio directly so you would have to go through these resources one by one to remove them from your device.

If you want to change a lot of resources at once you can also remove any source files from your import folder (and disconnect from any Arkio cloud group) and then “Clear & Restart” your imported resources from the settings panel.

This will remove all your previously processed resources and reimport any resources that are still in your source import folder (or redownloaded from the Arkio cloud and then processed) when running Arkio again.