Snapping and "Default Land Mass"

Hi Everyone,
I’m really struggling with snapping. It seems I cannot turn off snapping for the “default land mass” provided as a starting plateau in Arkio. Can snapping be turned off so that modeled objects do not orient themselves to the “default land mass”?

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Sorta, well you can temporarily disable them. Check this guide to get into the nitty gritty of the guides and snaps system, but I’ll copy pasta the good parts.

Temporary turn off the guides and snaps

While using create, move, or edit the geometry will be snapped to guides automatically. It’s possible to turn off all guides and snapping by holding your thumbsticks or touchpad down on the left or right controller. When releasing the thumbstick the guides will be activated again.

So when the guides are interfering with your required alignments just hold your thumbstick down while the tool is active to temporarily turn off the guides.

Create tool

Move tool

Edit Tool

@James let me know if this helps and feel free to post a screen shot of your modeling troubles! That always helps clarify the issue :slight_smile:

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Hi David,
Thank you for your response. Let me see if I can add more details to help explain my use that prompted my question.

Okay, the snapping that is giving me fits is vertical (Z axis) rather that XY horizontal across the Green Table. As I work to locate or relocate 3D imports (Rvt, OBJ, GLB) in the vertical direction up or down, snapping does not turn off. Non-native 3D seems to be restricted to be parallel to the Green Table if you have a slope of say 8% or so – this is to say near parallel to the Green Table. If I try to place 3D content to follow this slight slope, it will not, it thinks I want to SNAP to the Green Table. I cannot figure out a way to turn vertical snap off.

Hope this helps explain some.

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Great info @James! I got a better sense of what you’re getting at.

Imported models have limited functionality in Arkio, for example you can’t modify individual surfaces like you would with native Arkio geometry. With imported models, the snapping system is orientated around the bounds of the model rather than individual cells. I think what is happening here is that tolerance for editing and moving something slightly is automatically snapping to the table.

One thing you could mess around with is changing your scale (using the grips) so you are at a smaller scale and then making the edits. Your scale is a factor in how we determine the movement tolerance.

Could you potentially share a screenshot when this is happening? Would love to see what is going on a bit more