Mixed Reality Patio Model

I took advantage of some good weather recently and took my headset outside for a walk to model something in a nearby park. I found a spot that was set back, a bit more open and has a simple pathway that wrapped around a small slope. The site didn’t have many visitors I thought it would be nice to have a patio space in this area that gave walkers a bit of an elevated view of the rest of the park.

I think I’m starting to find a bit more of a familiarity with modeling in mixed reality. With this model I was particularly interested in exploring what views of the park were being blocked vs views I wanted to emphasis. This is where the pass through material really comes in handy when you want to verify what your model might be blocking.


There was some more detail I wanted to refine but the tracking out in the woods was a bit rough so I exported the model out to Rhino, did some minor clean up and then pushed it up to Speckle.

I’ve also been playing around with 360 camera to capture those nerdy/action shots of modeling in the wild. The tracking support on the x4 is super nice :slight_smile:


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Process shots :arkio_retro_red:

Here is some follow up shots from the modeling of this MR sketch :building_construction:

Masking around :black_nib:

One thing I thought I would highlight is how I was using passthrough material as a mask for the trees. In the first image you see I’m creating a void in the roof to not obstruct the existing tree, but because the tree is part of my context it will be overlapped by any geometry seen in Arkio. Unless you tap into the powers of passthrough materials!

In the second and third images you can see this material in action. I’m using a simple box geometry that covers the bounds of the tree trunk, which you can see because of the passthrough material being applied to the box. When you use a passthrough material it will mask out all of the geometry in your scene so you can see your passthrough camera view of that area. I use this pretty often when I model in MR, it reminds me a bit of masking in photoshop but in 3d.

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