Meta Fabric

The intricately woven space was rapidly “hand” crafted by assembling simple blocks. This necessitated seamless manual construction at the actual scale within an immersive environment, taking into account block placement, views from certain points on the path, and usability simultaneously. The main challenge of the project is to confirm the creation of an enjoyable environment both during(here) and after(there) construction.

In achieving a complex, visually rich experience beyond 2D construction documents, the immersive spatial experience (URL bellow) suggests potential development through added gamification elements, for instance.


@jin you made it! I’m happy you were able to get setup (or atleast it seems like you’re setup :slight_smile: ). Looking forward to continuing our :arkio_black: chats! Don’t forget to say a lil hello :wave: !

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@david glad to see you again here in the new community!!

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