Retreat to Iceland! 🇮🇸

Hey Arkitechs :wave:t2:

Our team is meeting up IRL this week at the ArkioHQ in Reykjavik! It’s going to be an awesome chance for us to hang out, brainstorm, and just enjoy some incredible scenery together. It’s all about strengthening our team and sparking new ideas in an amazing place. :rocket:

We’ll continue to monitor and support ya’ll on our channels, but consider this a slow mode week from us as we’ll be focusing our energy for on site activities.

Stay tuned for more info on what we’ll be up to.

Cheers :beers:


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Our lean and mean crew :arkio_red: :slight_smile: :arkio_teal:

Been playing around with a 360 camera :globe_with_meridians:

What a week! :slight_smile: We’ve all made it home safe n’ sound and ready to get back in to action! :arkio_teal:

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