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:arkio_teal: :arkio_black: Welcome to the Arkio Community! :tada: :arkio_teal: :arkio_black:

Come in, make yourself at home!

If you’ve made it this far, why not give us a lil’ hello and intro on who you are? Maybe tell us what brought you here and where you’re coming from, or maybe a random story that is sitting in the back of your head. Whatever it is, let it be you! :penguin:

I’ll kick us off!

Hai there, I’m david :wave: I grew up in rural parts of New Hampshire :evergreen_tree: and have mainly resided in Boston since 2010. I got my b.arch from the Boston Architectural College in 2017 where I spent most of my time doing digital fabrication projects and community workshops. I wrapped up my studies with a thesis that looked into virtual reality and it’s impact on our physical existence, which was filled with more grammatical issues than cohesive thoughts.

I have a lot of interests in how the digital and physical components of our lives come together. Before I knew anything about vr, I was running a spoon making workshop where each spoon was designed digitally, partially milled on the cnc, and finished by hand in the woodshop. It’s kinda neat to look back at those moments and see how they sorta lead to the tech world. I’m a new-ish member of the official Arkio Team :seal_teal: but I’ve been an active user for a bit and I’m excited to help build this community and create a more resourceful space for our users to connect with.

When I’m not battling the headset or copying+pasta an app together, I might be gaming on the switch, PC, hiking, or trying to get my cat to show love.



I’m Dace, based in Seattle, USA.

I’m an architect, and huge advocate of using XR to enable effective decision-making in facility design, construction, and operations.

When I’m not helping you realize tangible business benefits from using Arkio, you can find me remodeling my rustic cabin, falling down in backcountry powder on my snowboard, or motivating paddlers in a whitewater raft.


Hey everyone, I’m a long-time listener and first-time caller.

Architect and furniture with Alsop & Störmer by “birth”, transitioned to masterplan delivery (Kings Cross, Brent Cross, London Olympics 2012 amongst others) transitioned to Data Wrangler for design and practice management information while at Allies and Morrison. The first forays into AECO Tech were beta-testing Bentley GenerativeComponents for Microstation, not for whizz-bang Foster roof structures, but for data extraction from pre-BIM CAD. ProtoBIM?? Later, beta-testing of ExplicitHistory for Rhino was somewhat generative, but again, there was lots of analytics.

After abandoning London with my family in uk-lockdown-1, I’m now 100% remote in the top-left corner of England, surrounded by cows, sheep, lakes, and mountains.

Now, at Speckle, I celebrate partnerships and developers wherever they are.



@dace welcome aboard the Arkio ship :arkio_black: :+1: ! Excited to cook up some construction ideas with ya! :slight_smile:

@jsdbroughton :wave: what a honor! Glad to have ya jumping aboard the Arkio community :slight_smile: I’m excited to have a Speckle member hanging in the forums. I’ve been a big fan of the way Speckle has built their community, I pulled a lot from your discourse setup and how your team engages with the members.

Maybe we can consider a design-challenge that crosses the powers of Speckle and Arkio :arkio_retro_teal:

Hello spatial designers :wave:

My name is Johan, as the co-founder and head of product at Arkio I’m focusing on supporting our development team with the workings of Arkio and the features that go into the product. :arkio_teal:

I was born in the Netherlands where I also got trained as an engineer and architect. During my +15 year career, I switched from designing buildings to programming design tools that architects use to create buildings :nerd_face: Since 2016 I got hooked on immersive technologies as they offer us much better input devices to experience and create spatial designs using your own hands!

I’m always keen to hear what everyone thinks about Arkio and how it fits in their design workflows so feel free to reach out if you ever want to talk about your ideas for Arkio!

When I’m not working on Arkio I can be found biking around Rotterdam and traveling with our little dog :dog: IG@shibbayakuku I also enjoy playing tennis, games (video and board), reading, and long fireside chats :camping:


Hello! My name is Roshon, but my friends often call me Ro or Roro. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts, where I was born and raised. As a proud father of three young adults, I consider myself a hardworking and all-around cool guy. I enjoy surrounding myself with positive individuals, exploring new experiences, and focusing on the beauty in life. My passion for art and architecture has been a lifelong pursuit, leading me to embrace design with Arkio since its initial launch. The intuitive user interface of Arkio has been instrumental in my self-taught design journey, and I eagerly anticipate the innovative ideas and creations that the community will generate. When I’m not immersed in work or enjoying time with my kids and Arkio, I can be found biking with colleagues, at the gym, watching good movies, or gaming on my quest , PS5 and PC.


@Johan Finally, I can follow along with your :dog: adventures!


I can confirm to the community, @RO100 is very much an all around cool guy :sunglasses:. Also hard working, look at all of these virtual worlds you’ve been building! :building_construction:


Hello Arkio Designers!!

My name is Jinsuke (or just Jin for short). Although I was born and raised in Kawasaki, Japan, I’ve also spent several years living in Chicago, USA. My journey in architecture has led me through professional experiences in Tokyo, Kawasaki, and Chicago.

In my current practice, I specialize in the design of wooden structures, with a keen focus on my local community. In Japan particularly , there’s an acute need for expert dialogue to address the public’s earthquake-related anxieties. I’ve found that the caliber of our communication is now intrinsically linked to the spatial quality we create.

Architectural visualization transcends mere verbal exchange; it’s essential for bridging linguistic divides and enhancing communication across different languages. I’m a firm believer in the power of the right tools to facilitate clear and effective communication.

My passion extends to hands-on carpentry, both as a pastime and in my professional life. Concurrently, I’ve embraced digital advancements, incorporating tools like BIM and digital fabrication into my workflow. I’m particularly fond of Arkio, which is tailored for architects and designers, and I’m convinced that such tools are pivotal in restoring the architect’s fundamental societal contribution.

When I’m not immersed in my work, you’ll find me exploring the outdoors, observing the growth of my daughters and our 8-year-old Shiba Inu :dog2: or just taking a peaceful nap. Additionally, making music with much younger friends infuses me with vitality and a profound appreciation for life’s rhythms.


Welcome welcome @jin and your pup! :dog: Hopefully we get some Kengo Kuma like models from you in the future :arkio_retro_teal:


Hey Arkio-Community!

My name is Britta an I’m working at a theatre in Germany.
I’m the head of the digital media department there, which means we’re experimenting with new technologies and researching the use of them in the theatrical context.
That already resulted in productions, using multiplayer-VR-settings for example.

I stumbled over Arkio and thought that could be a great tool, to try new stage settings on stage, before they are built (in Germany we call this a “Bauprobe”). So I’m just trying out some things at the moment and just see where it goes. :slight_smile:

I also like to pop my head in a headset outside of work - at the moment mostly to clean some dirty stuff in the Powerwash Simulator - but also love to live the analogue live, playing boardgames, meeting up with friends or just relaxing.

Unfortunately I don’t have a cute pet to attach, so I just share this mole living in my office with you. :laughing:


Have a nice day!


Welcome @digib_rit! The theatre work sounds pretty interesting, you should consider sharing your findings in the Studio. I think you take the :cake: for most interesting pet :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I’m Juanita, a Landscape Architect in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m always interested in learning new ways to communicate design solutions. If I’m not actually designing, I’m thinking about design.

Looking forward to checking out the new release!


Hi @Missy! :wave: Happy to see you found your way here from the discord server. Would love to know how your residential project is coming together :slight_smile:!

Hi to everyone,

My name is Mykola, and I am an engineer in South California. I have many years of background in BIM and construction in Ukraine, Russia, and Europe. Last several years I have worked with VR, XR, and 3D technology. Now, one line of my work is integrating, and it has developed new VR products in the US. Arkio is an amazing product and I like working with him.

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Welcome to the community :wave: :arkio_black: Excited to have you jump aboard! What a good looking pup too, those eyes would easily derail any focus I had :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! My name is Jason. I’m from just outside Cleveland, Ohio where I have spent most of my life. I have been working in the architecture industry for about 25 years and am currently a designer, project manager, and draftsperson for a residential design/build firm. I just started working and designing in Arkio in the Fall of 2023 at which time I became interested in its potential use in my design workflow, spatial applications, and its overall design capabilities. This is something I hope to continue to work and expand on with various designs concepts and approaches. I also found it to be a nice way to step back from the rigidness of the daily architectural grind and be more free, expansive, and open with my designs.

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