Colouring, prepare a Rhino model for Arkio

Dear All,

we are wondering what would be the best way to prepair a model in Rhino, so it is possible to use the colours given to color individual sections, as shown in the demonstration of Arkio. Here in the screen shot it shows to blue segments that we have colored. We would like to be able to do it with personal models as well.

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@Carolin_Schabbing :wave: good to hear from ya! Hope the class is running well :slight_smile:

In order to achieve this you need to assign a different materials to each object in Rhino that you want to modify. You can consider the materials like a grouping system, if you want all of your context buildings to have the same color then they should share a single assigned material before importing.

Hope this helps!

Dear David,
thank you will will try see now and let you know.

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