PlugIn Mac-Rhino-arkio

Hello Team,

here in my M.A. class I get more and more the question when the or if an plugin for mac is planed? It would help the workflow just like it does for PC.

Thank you!

Best wishes.

Good point for sure @Carolin_Schabbing! Passing that along to the team (I thought we had that supported already :melting_face: )

In the meanwhile I think you and your students could utilize the Arkio Cloud. They could export .obj, .gltf or .glb from Rhino and drag and drop them directly into the Arkio Cloud. Have ya’ll given that go yet?

Hallo David,

thank you for your tipp. Yes, the cloud is in use and thats the way they handle it at the moment - workflow is not as smooth, lets say.


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