Error Exporting Revit Files with plugin

post originally from Arq. Gabriela Martinez

I’m trying to export a Revit file to Arkio for the first time and I’m having trouble. A message pops up saying: “There was an error while trying to run the Arkio Export command. Could not load type…”

Anything I can do. Also, I’m working with linked files hope that is not an issue. Does Arkio read DWF files?

I figured the problem out. I was exporting from Revit 2018. I updated the files to Revit 2021 and now I have no problems.

I’m trying to export a model of a water pump room. With detailed fabrication pieces, equipment, and hangers for HVAC and plumbing. I’ve been exporting it to DWF and visualizing it in Navisworks and no problem.

I might try IFC exports of this same linked model and then import it to a new Revit file to load it to Arkio. see if this works.

This looks like an issue that we’ve not encountered before and something love to fix in our next updates. Could you share more details on the type of model/geometry that you are trying to export to Arkio? You can contact us at

To work around the issue you can try to export another Revit project or a more simple 3D view where imported/linked geometry is turned off. (linked files are typically not an issue but they can add complexity to export)

DWFs are currently not supported by Arkio but you can try to load them to Revit, Rhino or SketchUp before you load them to Arkio from there.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about the Revit model you are trying to export.