Error Message "Failed to export model"

posted originally by John Tarkington

In Sketchup Pro 2022, I’m using the Arkio plugin to export files to Arkio. However, when in sketchup and I select “Export to Arkio” I get the error message “Failed to export model for unknown reason!” What am I missing?

Some SketchUp models might have troublesome geometry or references (like textures) that cannot be accessed or processed by our SketchUp plugin. Can you still export small SketchUp models downloaded from 3D Warehouse or do these also give issues? (this might indicate that our plugin does not have the correct access to Read/Write on Windows)

The best way to troubleshoot issues with larger models is to limit the geometry to export into smaller parts by hiding layers or complex imported geometry first to see what geometry might be causing the export to fail.

If you can share with us the SketchUp file at we would also be happy to look into this to help and resolve the issue with you.