Unable to change the value when editing a side

post from Henk Kraal

When using Arkio on Mac I cannot change the size of a side to something specific. In VR you edit the side, click on the current size and a head-up numpad appears which you can use to input the correct numbers.

On Mac the same display appears but I seem to be unable to provide any input using the mouse or keyboard?

On a side note; I’m really missing information on possible keyboard shortcuts when outside of VR, is there any documentation on it?

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The 2D version of Arkio (on Mac, PC, and Mobile) currently has some bugs and known issues like the dimension size input UI not working. We’re also missing some features that work correctly in the VR version of Arkio (which has our largest user base). We plan to fix and clean up some of these issues in the coming months and we’d love to hear what features you miss most in 2D.

Regarding shortcuts, we currently don’t have keyboard shortcuts assigned to the tools but show keys lower middle part of the screen if there are secondary commands while working with tools (eg. space for changing the axis) We also have plans to provide better documentation for working with the 2D version of Arkio.

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